Employee Wellness for Hybrid Work

“With HeiaHeia, we've been able to support everyone - anywhere, anytime. Our wellbeing program now has the power to bring people together."


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Introducing HeiaHeia

HeiaHeia is possibly the most fun way to promote wellbeing at work. With 4.4-star ratings by thousands of happy users, HeiaHeia is a refreshing and effective combination of wellbeing challenges, personal programs and social engagement.

More than 70% of HeiaHeia users increase their wellbeing and more than 75% report an improvement in sense of belonging.

“...it creates a sense of community across team boundaries. It’s also really easy to use.”


A Wellbeing Solution for Today's Working Life

Common problems in wellbeing that you can solve with HeiaHeia:

❌ Lack of daily encounters with colleagues
❌ Low participation in wellbeing initiatives
❌ Difficult to offer equal access to services
❌ HR has no time to organise wellbeing activity
❌ Lack of variation in wellbeing program ideas

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How remote work changed employee wellbeing

Genuinely Global

The opportunity to participate in one's own language is an important factor in activating people on a large scale. HeiaHeia is used in over 150 countries and available on +20 languages.

"...we launched an activity challenge that inspired employees from several countries to compete in a team race."



HeiaHeia Engages Even 80% of a Work Community

“The program interests all kinds of people, from different age groups and backgrounds”


Around the World steps challenge
Team race challenge
To the Moon exercise challenge
Individual goal
Mount everest steps challenge
Bike challenge
Batteries Challenge
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Participating is Effortless

It has never been this easy to participate in workplace wellbeing programs. One can use a mobile app or browser, or connect a smart device (Garmin, Fitbit, Apple Watch etc.). HeiaHeia is a perfect fit for remote and hybrid work.


"...using Excel was out of the question for us."



Over 75% Experience Improved Sense of Community

HeiaHeia creates an encouraging environment where members can share achievements as well as encourage each other. Everyone can decide for themselves what they want to share - they can also participate privately if they wish.

“You learn things about others that you'd never learn over lunch."




What Our Customers Say

"HeiaHeia has been the perfect tool to keep our teams in touch and motivated throughout lockdown and remote working."

Anna Bärling
Relax Gaming

"Our program interests all kinds of people, from different age groups and backgrounds."

Tiia Lappalainen

"With HeiaHeia, we've been able to support everyone - anywhere, anytime. Our wellbeing program now has the power to bring people together."

Johanna Tokola

"The power of the work community as a source of motivation is significant, and HeiaHeia helps harness it in a natural way."  

Tomi Korpikoski

"In addition to our daily team-specific Teams encounters, we wanted to bring something different, more informal, into our everyday lives."

Tiina Hildén
Hilti Finland

Over 100 Challenges to Choose From

Choose a ready, inspiring challenge from the HeiaHeia challenge library, or create one from your vision.

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Wellbeing on Your Terms

"The best thing about HeiaHeia is that we can customize wellbeing activities for our work community."


Wellbeing action = 1 point
7,5 hours of sleep = 4 points
5000 steps = 2 points
1 cheer = 1 point
10 minutes = 1 point-1

Why HeiaHeia?


Perfect for Remote & Hybrid Work

Resolves problems of remote work, improves sense of community


Inclusive & Approachable

Inspires and encourages regardless of entry level


Proven Impact

Validated by hundreds of customers as well as research surveys


Privacy Built In

GDPR compliant, does not require disclosure of employees' personal information


Our Experts are Here for You

Leave your number - let's discuss how we can promote wellbeing in your community.

Support in Your Pocket - Always, Everywhere

Slip the app into your colleagues' pockets and ensure wellbeing support is available always, on time and with a low threshold. Personal programs from themes such as Body, Mind and Better Workday (e.g. active break workouts) are available to all members of your HeiaHeia community.

“...I actively used the content in HeiaHeia - the programs and so on. I notably improved my physical fitness, especially my strength.”




How Arla made it to the Moon

Arla launched a wellbeing program for their entire staff - the results have been impressive.

“You learn things about others that you'd never learn over lunch"


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We're happy to share more of our customers' successes and to show how the app works.