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The ultimate digital service for boosting wellbeing and sense of community - with challenges that people actually like to participate in

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Examples from our library of wellbeing challenges

Mount Everest step challenge
Around the World points challenge
To the Moon exercise challenge
Mental wellbeing challenge
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And many more..
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Trusted by hundreds of customers - from SMBs to multinationals

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Trusted by hundreds of customers - from SMBs to multinationals


Trusted by hundreds of customers - from SMBs to multinationals


Something people like to take part in

HeiaHeia is built for the people: Our App Store and Google Play ratings are close to 4,5 stars with thousands of reviews and hundreds of thousands of downloads. HeiaHeia welcomes you regardless of your activity level, over 70% of users make positive lifestyle changes!

I love how easy it is to use!  

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A community of positive feelings

HeiaHeia builds community and team spirit like no other digital wellbeing solution: we go beyond leaderboards and chat. We genuinely connect people by providing an employee community that encourages sharing positive life moments across team boundaries.

...we have an astonishing community spirit...

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Proven impact and happy customers

70% of users improve wellbeing
...of HeiaHeia users improve wellbeing
Kopio Kopio Kopio Kopio More than 70% of HeiaHeia users increase their wellbeing
Our App Store rating is 4,4 stars with thousands of reviews
75% reports improved sense of belonging an improvement in sense of belonging
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On average, our challenges are rated 4/5 starts by the users

Simple and hassle-free for the employer

Starting a HeiaHeia challenge for your work community is as simple as playing an episode of your favourite show in a streaming service. Similarly, we also continuously publish new challenges in our library for our subscription customers to enjoy.

The best thing about HeiaHeia is that we can choose wellbeing topics important for our work community.  

Ready-made challenges

Key benefits of your HeiaHeia subscription

Kopio Features Challenges
App and web
Sense of belonging and team spirit
Office workout and more

Get started with these simple steps

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Getting started

Subscription types

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Annual subscription

Our most popular service - launch multiple HeiaHeia challenges and provide ongoing support for wellbeing. With an annual subscription you save up to 30% and get a free deployment service.

From €99/month (XS package, for organisations with up to 50 employees)

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3 month subscription

A great option if you want to start by committing to one HeiaHeia challenge - you can continue to use the service in 3-month cycles or upgrade to an annual subscription later.

From €129/month (XS package, for organisations with up to 50 employees)

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The subscriptions are continuous in nature, but you can cancel at any time before your next contract period's renewal date.



Your package size and its price are determined by the number of eligible employees in your organisation. 



XS package
for up to 50 eligible employees: from €99 per month with an annual subscription.
L Package for up to 500 eligible employees: from €729 per month with an annual subscription. 



Visit our features page or request a quote for a full listing of the content of your package. Enterprise packages are always bespoke, contact sales to find out more.