Fun Wellbeing Challenges for Companies

"Thanks to HeiaHeia’s social nature, it creates a sense of community across team boundaries and brings colleagues together. It’s also really easy to use."

Wellbeing Challenge

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Bring employees together in wellbeing challenges and take your wellbeing programs to the digital age.

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Public Health

HeiaHeia is the modern way to offer preventive health services, such as wellbeing content, groups, coaching, and campaigns - for large populations or targeted interventions.

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Implement your service, coaching and content solutions with a leading digital engagement platform. HeiaHeia works closely with leaders in health and wellbeing. 

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Thousands of Success Stories:

"One of the most fun and useful apps I use."

“I have been paying more attention to the importance of hydration and rest, which was very lacking in my world until HeiaHeia was made available to us.”

“My employer introduced HeiaHeia at a time when I was just returning to work after burnout. HeiaHeia was an instrumental factor in enabling my recovery.”

“HeiaHeia is part of my daily routine - just like brushing my teeth.”

"I love how easy it is to use!”

“I increased my activity during workdays with active breaks. A mom of two small kids, I got addicted to yoga after discovering the 15-minute yoga programs: they’re short enough and you can relax after the kids go to bed.”

“It’s been great to see how the HeiaHeia training program gave my colleague the push to exercise and improve her wellbeing.”


"I know it's brought me closer to my co-workers even though we don't sit in the same office."

"It is great to witness employees increase their exercise, diet and wellness as a direct result of the wellness challenges and institute wellness in their daily lives."

"I love the fact that we have a work community where we can share our achievements and adventures."

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