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HeiaHeia is a global platform for improving employee wellbeing and sense of community.

HeiaHeia is fun and easy to use - for both employee and employer!
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A turnkey solution for the wellbeing needs of hybrid work

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HeiaHeia is trusted by hundreds of customers worldwide, from small businesses to multinationals

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Proven impact and customer satisfaction

70% of users improve wellbeing
70% of HeiaHeia users improve their well-being
Kopio Kopio Kopio Kopio More than 70% of HeiaHeia users increase their wellbeing
Average of thousands of App Store user reviews: 4.4 stars
75% reports improved sense of belonging
75% of users state that their sense of community has improved
45 starts (1)
Average user feedback for challenges: 4+ stars

HeiaHeia: the wellbeing solution for today's workplace

A number of common problems in wellbeing promotion can be solved with HeiaHeia:

❌  Lack of encounters - working alone
❌  Low participation rate in wellbeing programs
❌  Difficult to offer services equally to all
❌  Lack of HR time and bandwidth to organise wellbeing activity
❌  Lack of variety in wellbeing themes (e.g. only step challenges year in year out)

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Perfect solution for hybrid work

Effortless for the employer

Getting HeiaHeia up and running in your workplace is almost as easy as watching an episode of your favourite TV show on a streaming service. Just like streaming services, we're constantly adding new and inspiring content to our library for the enjoyment of our customers.

In our program, we have all kinds of people from different age groups and backgrounds. 

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Ready-made challenges

Promote a variety of wellbeing themes

With HeiaHeia, you can inspire a wide range of staff to take concrete action in a fun and effective way. The service supports a wide range of inspirational themes such as exercise, mental well-being, teamwork, nutrition, recovery, community skills, environmental responsibility, safety, etc.

The best thing about HeiaHeia is that we can choose the well-being themes that are important to us.  


Holistic themes

What our customers say

"HeiaHeia has been the perfect tool to keep our teams in touch and motivated throughout lockdown and remote working."

Anna Bärling
Relax Gaming

"In addition to our daily team-specific Teams encounters, we wanted to bring something different, more informal, into our everyday lives."

Tiina Hildén
Hilti Suomi Oy

"With HeiaHeia, we've been able to support everyone - anywhere, anytime. Our wellbeing program now has the power to bring people together."

Johanna Tokola

"Our program interests all kinds of people, from different age groups and backgrounds."

Tiia Lappalainen

"The power of the work community as a source of motivation is significant, and HeiaHeia helps harness it in a natural way."  

Tomi Korpikoski

Customer case

Arla: an active workplace

Arla launched a wellbeing programme for all employees and the results have been impressive.

"You learn things from others that you wouldn't learn at the lunch table"


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Arla Suomen aktiivisin työpaikka

Read more about our customers' successes on the HeiaHeia blog

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