The Perfect Platform For Your Wellbeing Incentive Programs

Make participation in your company's wellbeing incentive program easy, fun and social & reduce the admistrative burden of reporting.


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The Solution

With HeiaHeia, you can quickly launch a wellness programme in which employees are rewarded for positive healthy activities, such as exercising on a regular basis or consistently collecting points by performing healthy micro-actions.

Our platform provides an easy, fun and engaging way for employees to participate in your programme. HeiaHeia is easy to use, legally compliant and our reporting respects everyone's privacy.


Why choose HeiaHeia?


Easy Participation

App store rating 4,4 stars with thousands of reviews, integrations with wearable devices such as Apple Watch, Garmin, Polar etc.


Effortless Reporting

Real time reporting that respects everyones's privacy. All reporting based on employee consent



Builds Sense of Belonging

   More than 75% of HeiaHeia users report improved sense of belonging


Proven Impact

More than 70% of HeiaHeia users increase their wellbeing

The Basics of Wellbeing Incentive Programs Powered By HeiaHeia

A scheme in which the company rewards employees for healthy activities.

Employees use HeiaHeia to log their activities. Company admin (or HeiaHeia customer success expert) receives rewarding reports and can administer rewards to employees.

HeiaHeia reward programs are a proven way to improve the wellbeing and sense of belonging of employees in a positive way.


Participation Made Easy

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Everyone can participate

The HeiaHeia app is super easy to use. It's actively used by tens of thousands of users every month and has been rated 4.4 stars by thousands of happy users. Everyone in the organisation can now participate in their own way and find activities from 600 different exercise types.


“The program interests all kinds of people, from different age groups and backgrounds.”

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Effortless with Wearables

If you want, you can sync your device (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Suunto) with HeiaHeia to automatically import your workouts, steps and sleep into your ongoing HeiaHeia challenge. If you don't have a wearable or don't want to use it, you can easily log your achievements manually.


“The integrations with wearables have made its usage effortless.”




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