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Wellbeing is not a project that lasts for two weeks in January, it’s a life long journey.
Find your own, enjoyable everyday habits
HeiaHeia guides you to set meaningful wellbeing targets and helps you achieve them. Exercise, steps, sleep, weight: whatever your targets are, achieve them by small daily steps that accumulate into remarkable long term gains.
Wellbeing should not be too serious, it should bring you joy and energy.
Social by nature
HeiaHeia is a social motivator based on support from your likeminded friends and colleagues. Sharing accomplishments big and small and cheering for your friends makes wellbeing fun and social. It also brings a positive sense of accountability into sticking to your targets.
Wellbeing is not about will power: will power is a consumable that you will run out of at some point, if you have to resort to it too often.
Works with your favourite device
Connect your wearable device or tracker app to HeiaHeia to automate your tracking of exercise, steps, and sleep. We support following devices: Garmin, Polar, Fitbit, Suunto, Nokia (Withings), Microsoft Health, and any other device or app that connects to Apple Health or Google Fit.
Wellbeing is merciful: roughly right is often better than 100% correct.
Happier, healthier personnel
Bring better life and better performance to your entire organisation with our digital wellbeing programmes. HeiaHeia makes daily wellbeing actions, peer support, social campaigns, and educational content from world class experts available to all your employees in an easy and engaging ways.
Choose your Service Level
Social exercise diary
  • Keep track of any activity, over 500 exercise types supported
  • Cheer for your friends
  • Set wellbeing targets, follow your progress
  • Connect your wearable device
  • Free for you and your friends
Workplace wellbeing platform
  • Gamified holistic wellbeing: enables rewarding of teams and individuals
  • Corporate challenges for teams and organisations
  • Inspiring content and training programs
  • Science-based employee surveys
Premium Services
Additional services for the workplace
  • Premium programs with advisory and lectures
  • Coach tools: monitor, plan, communicate with clients
  • Embedded coach for your organisation
  • Reseller ready: Support for custom content and services by partners
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HeiaHeia is developed by Hintsa Performance, a leading provider of high performance coaching and digital wellbeing services. Hintsa’s services are trusted by individuals, teams and organisations worldwide to improve their health, wellbeing and performance in a sustained, measurable way.
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