The Versatile, Flexible Wellbeing Platform

HeiaHeia is suitable for everyone, regardless of starting level or preferences. With HeiaHeia, you can organize all kinds of wellness promotion programs.

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Personal User Account and Basic Features

A Social Wellbeing Diary

Comprehensive exercise journal: more than 600 activities to choose from
Motivation from support by friends
Earn medals for activity, steps, sleep
Statistics make things concrete: track your activity, steps, sleep and weight
Your personal account with its basic features is always free

App for holistic wellbeing promotion

Sync Your Wearable with HeiaHeia

By syncing your device with HeiaHeia, your workouts, GPS and heart rate data, steps, sleep and weight will be automatically imported to HeiaHeia.
You can complement your data with notes and photos
Devices supported: Apple Watch, Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, Suunto
Almost any device can be connected thanks to Apple Health and Google Fit integrations
Steps tracked by your phone can also be synced to HeiaHeia
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All Movement Counts: Find Your Own Way to Be Active!

"It's nice that you have such a wide variety of activities in HeiaHeia."



Lawn mowing
Trail running
Ice hole swimming
Berry picking
Combat sports
Commuting by bike

Employee Wellbeing: Communities & Premium Features

Communities: Unlock Premium Features for Members

HeiaHeia communities are membership-based groups, accessible with a code or email invitation
HeiaHeia communities are a commercial product available for companies, public health, and reseller partners
Members of communities can enjoy challenges, rewarding programs, content, coaching, and communications


Wellbeing Challenges: Motivation from Common Goals

The HeiaHeia challenge engine enables virtually any kind of joint targets for communities of various sizes
Common goal: one target for the entire community ("Let's walk around the world together")
Team race: form teams that compete against one another
Individual goal: every member has a personal goal
In the challenges, you can choose to collect e.g. workouts, miles/kilometers, hours, steps, micro actions of wellbeing or wellbeing points
Participation is easy to link with rewarding ("Earn a day off")

Individual goal

Examples of HeiaHeia Challenges

Challenges are an inspiring and collaborative way to promote wellbeing at work. Implement your own idea or choose from a number of ready-made options.

Team race challenge
Common goal challenge
Individual goal
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Gamified HeiaHeia Challenges

Read more about wellbeing challenges

Micro actions and Points: Promoting Holistic Wellbeing

Micro actions are small everyday actions that promote e.g. one's mental wellbeing, good diet or sleep hygiene. The actions may be part of challenges or habit change programs.
Wellbeing points are earned for all types of use of the service according to the rules
Wellbeing points are accumulated on your own wellness card in the HeiaHeia app: by collecting points, you'll reach new levels

Wellbeing score

Content Library: Guidance and Inspiration

The HeiaHeia content library is divided into themes: body, mind, better workday

Exercise content: exercises and programs to improve endurance, strength and mobility

Nutritional content: habit change programs for better eating habits

Mind: Habit change programs for stress management and mind maintenance

Better workday: habit change programs for healthier choices during the working day, exercises and programs for active breaks

Optional content available from our partners

Our content tools enable building and distributing all types of content to selected target groups: surveys, exercises, videos, training programs, habit creation programs, courses


Tools for Member Activation

Multiple roles for managing your wellbeing community and program: owner, administrator, communicator, coach, content creator
Managing your community
Managing members
Managing teams
Setting up and managing challenges
Communication and engagement
Coaching tools
Content tools
Versatile dashboards and reporting

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Global, Scalable, Secure

Privacy: GDPR Compliant

HeiaHeia has been built with end-user privacy by design and by default
The user owns and controls the use of her/his personal data in the service
The user can delete her/his account and download her/his personal data
The user can switch from the paid version back to the free version (the user's data will not be lost even if the paid features are terminated for any reason)
Active consents to the processing of personal data at different service levels: free version, community membership, coaching, personal data in reports (rewards)
Granular privacy settings: e.g. privacy of individual entries and adjustable privacy of sensitive data types (location data)


Truly International

HeiaHeia is a perfect fit for multinational organizations: currently available on 20+ languages
Mobile apps adapt to the language of the user's phone
Genuine localization: in addition to languages, we support local units of measurement and date formats

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