Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the point rules? 
A: Earn wellbeing points by category according to the following rules:

Steps: 1 step / 1 point

Exercise: 20 - 200 points / minute

Micro actions: 500 - 2000 points / micro action 

Hobbies: 500 points / hobby

Cheering: 100 points / cheer, max. 1000 points per day.

Q: How can I register my activities to earn points? 
A: To participate, use the HeiaHeia mobile app, or the browser version. Remember to allow HeiaHeia to read your steps from your phone's health app for easy participation.

- Log all activities (steps, exercise, micro actions, cheers and hobbies) in the HeiaHeia app or browser by tapping the “plus button”

- You can also connect your wearable (Garmin, Polar etc.) or Phone's health app (Google Fit, Apple Health)to import data (steps and exercises) to HeiaHeia 

Q: Where do I see my daily points?
A: You can see your daily points by category on the "My Day" card right from the app's homepage. You can also see how many points you scored for your individual performance directly in the news feed on the homepage.

Q: Can I connect a wearable device to HeiaHeia?
A: You can connect your favourite wearable device when you sign up for the HeiaHeia app or later on via HeiaHeia's settings. Choose a direct connection to your device or connect via Apple Health or Google Fit. Wearable devices may input different data types of your choice to HeiaHeia: exercises, steps, sleep, etc.
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Q: Can I connect Strava or other apps to HeiaHeia?
A: Yes you can. Give permission to Google Fit or Apple Health to read data from the other fitness app you use (e.g. Strava) and then give HeiaHeia access to read the same data from Google Fit or Apple Health. To avoid duplicate entries, connect only one wearable to HeiaHeia.

Q: Who can see the data that I create in HeiaHeia?
A: You own all the data you create in HeiaHeia and can manage the privacy of your data. Sharing your exercises and other entries to other HeiaHeia users is managed with friendships. Users you have accepted as friends see all your non-private entries in their social feeds. If you mark entries as private, your friends will not see them.

Q: Can I share entries to all members of my community?
A: Yes, you can share HeiaHeia entries for all community members to see. To do this, you will need to manually select sharing to the "community wall" immediately after you have logged an entry in HeiaHeia, or later on by editing the entry.

 Q: How do I select players / teams that I want to see on the "challenge gameboard"?
A: You see a preview of an ongoing challenge gameboard in the home page of  the HeiaHeia app. Tap the button on the preview card and then again a button in the same place to open a full screen gameboard. At the bottom of this page, you can select players and/or teams to follow on the challenge. Note that this depends on the settings of the challenge and may not be possible in all challenges.

Q: Where do I see my team and its members?
A: Go to the HeiaHeia app's second tab and scroll down to "Teams". Tap on your team (highlighted with a green check mark) and select "Show members". 

Q: Can I integrate my existing HeiaHeia account with my organisation's HeiaHeia Pro?

A: Yes you can. Read a brief instructions below or more thorough here.

A) If you have received an invitation to join by email, accept the invitation on the same device as you are logged in to your HeiaHeia account.

B) If you are joining with a code, first login to your old HeiaHeia account. Select the globe icon at the top left of the application's home page and add the code provided by your employer.

Q: Can I create teams in HeiaHeia? 
A: Yes you can. Choose "join or create a team" on the app's front page. Read more here:

Note, in all cases it is not possible to create teams.

Q: Can I hide myself from the challenge gameboard and challenge leaderboards and still take part in the challenge?
A: Yes you can, but this may affect being eligible for possible challenge rewards. You can adjust your visibility and hide yourself from challenge leaderboards and community reports via HeiaHeia's settings.

Q: Can I hide my GPS tracks from my social feed?
A: Yes you can. Go to HeiaHeia's settings, select "Location data visibility" and then "disable".

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