The wellbeing of employees is close to the heart at the Tays Heart Hospital

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Tays Heart Hospital is a public hospital specializing in cardiac care, which combines the best operating models from both the private and public sector, such as promptness, efficiency and uncompromising quality. The Heart Hospital employs 700 people at six sites throughout Southern and Central Finland taking care of patients' heart health and overall wellbeing.


Heavy strain on the healthcare sector triggered the need to make actions


In addition to the fact that the staff of the Heart Hospital takes care of the wellbeing of citizens, the hospital seeks to pay attention to the personal wellbeing and resilience of its staff as well. Recent years have placed a particularly heavy strain on the healthcare sector, and there was a desire to find a solution to support the overall wellbeing of staff and to increase community spirit throughout the organization’s six operating sites. 


HeiaHeia is one way to implement the Heart Hospital's Best Place to Work program. HeiaHeia is a great way to influence the staff's community spirit and possibilities to get to know other Heart Hospital professionals in different locations, in addition to increasing physical activity, says Katja Hautamäki-Lamminen, HR Director at Heart Hospital





Heart Hospital chose HeiaHeia Pro as a solution

 The HeiaHeia Pro service has been utilized in many ways at the Heart Hospital, and there are already 250 Heart Hospital employees within the scope of the HeiaHeia app's ongoing support model. The wellbeing of the heart and circulatory system is a matter “close to the heart” at the Heart Hospital and thus the theme of the first challenge was physical activity. Already at the planning stage, it was clear that the implementation should take into account the community as a whole, as well as different sites and departments. Thus, the first challenges were designed to engage participants on those three levels. 

The common goal set for the entire community - a virtual journey around the world - was enthusiastically received and the journey was completed in just over 2 months. Further boost to the challenge was created from a team race, in which the hospital’s operating sites competed as teams to collect the most kilometers. Lastly, departments competed against one another about which department tried the most different activities. The winners tried out a whopping 200 different types of activity!

In addition to the challenge, HeiaHeia Pro has been actively used as a source of ongoing engagement and support in wellbeing:

  • Peer support: more than 20,000 cheers given between members
  • More than 100 digital wellbeing programs started by members
  • More than 300 new levels unlocked with HeiaHeia’s Wellbeing points

Engaging people on different levels of wellbeing - with support from “captains”

The first challenge engaged 24 different departments and almost 250 people from six different sites. The challenge reached the staff of the Heart Hospital excellently. A significant role in the success has been played by the hospital's internal captains - active employees who joined in the planning and implementation of the challenge from the very beginning. The captains have been the leaders of their teams, as well as the internal resources that have supported and encouraged Heart Hospital employees to participate, whatever their starting level.



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