Around Finland

Start a journey through the Finnish lakeland all the way to enchanting Lapland and back!

The Basics of HeiaHeia Challenges

A 4- to 12-week community target, where teams and individuals progress towards a common goal with wellbeing actions, unlocking fun, informative and/or rewarding milestones along the way.

Participants log (or automatically import from their smart device) their activities to their HeiaHeia account. The progress of the challenge is tracked in the company's private HeiaHeia community.

A wellbeing challenge is a fun project for the whole work community, which has been proven to increase wellbeing and team spirit, as well as supporting any additional themes that may be relevant for the company.


Wellbeing journey around Finland

Embark on a six-week journey that begins in the city of Turku and takes you on an enchanting route across the Finnish archipelago all the way to the mesmerizing landscapes of Lapland and back.

Succeed as a team or as an individual by logging an average of 20 minutes of activity per day during the 6-week challenge. Take your pick from 600 different activity types available on HeiaHeia - and earn bonus minutes by completing daily, healthy micro actions, small routines that add up to big health gains.

The cities marked on the game map act as milestones, and by reaching them, the participants can unlock interesting content linked to the trip around Finland.


Rules of the Challenge


Participate as an individual and with your team

The aim is to succeed both as an individual and with your team. If you wish, you can also follow the progress of other participants and teams on the map.


Exercise 20 minutes a day

To succeed in this challenge you need to reach a daily average of 20 minutes of physical activity. You can also earn bonus minutes by doing micro actions that promote wellbeing!


All activity counts!


HeiaHeia's 600 different types of exercise are counted! You can connect your wearable device or log exercises directly into HeiaHeia.


Challenge other teams

If you wish, you can also take part in a friendly team competition with your colleagues. Follow other teams on the game board and succeed!




It's really easy to participate

The HeiaHeia app collects data automatically. You can also link your smart device (Polar, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc.) to HeiaHeia if you wish, but no additional devices are required to participate.

You can also manually record exercise sessions, hobbies and micro actions from a selection of over 600 activities. For those who prefer it, there is also an option to access the HeiaHeia web version.


Micro actions earn bonus minutes

Simple and small daily choices, when made into a routine, can make a big difference  - and the micro actions in this wellbeing challenge are just that.

During the challenge, you can also build up your daily minutes by logging micro actions.


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