HeiaHeia’s Privacy In A Nutshell

17 January 2022

1. We are GDPR compliant. You control your own data and you decide, how much of your personal data you want to share with others. You can remove your account or download your data at any point.

2. You can manage your detailed privacy level from the settings.

3. Our basic privacy control is friendships: friends share activities with each other to enable peer support.

4. You can separately control the visibility (also to friends) of each of the events you have created in the service.

5. If you join HeiaHeia via a company or community invitation, you also give consent to participate in possible activity challenges, which may include rewarding for activity, being included on participant lists, and reporting. Participating in activity challenges includes sharing high level personal data, like meeting your daily step target or the amount of “wellbeing points” you have collected, with the campaign organiser and other participants. You can choose to opt-out or opt-in to the parts including personal data sharing at any point via the settings, under “Participant lists and reporting”.

6. If you join HeiaHeia via a company or community invitation, the service may include a recurring wellbeing survey. The results of the survey might be utilised in anonymised aggregate reports to the community admin, if a minimum of 5 people have answered the survey.

7. If you have a coach, you give consent for the coach to see all of your entries in the service. You can discontinue the coaching relationship at any point.

More information: heiaheia.com/privacy

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