Two surefire ways to promote physical activity and overall wellbeing in the workplace - part 1: challenges

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Over the years, many different applications, devices and services have been developed to promote employee wellbeing and physical activity. Over more than a decade, HeiaHeia has been used to implement thousands of wellbeing programs in workplaces of all sizes and shapes.

Based on our experience, it’s possible to identify two particularly straightforward and almost bulletproof concepts for deploying a digital wellbeing platform. For now, let’s call them "wellbeing challenges" and "wellbeing incentive programs".

In this and the following article, we will briefly review both concepts. If you have never organised a wellness program before, these are an easy place to start. If you already have experience with wellbeing projects, you might be inspired to try something new.

Wellbeing challenge - a joint project to inspire virtually everyone

What it's about: an exercise or wellbeing challenge is usually a 4-12 week project in which the whole work community works towards a common goal by getting active.


challenges are a great way to highlight wellbeing or a specific theme and bring the work community closer together across organisational boundaries. challenges usually involve active communication and playful competition.


Being active can be about exercise, taking steps or doing little wellbeing activities.


The whole work community, possibly also divided into teams or departments


One challenge usually lasts a few weeks. There are a few “ideal seasons” for challenges - early autumn, early summer and spring. There may be one or more challenges per year, for example on different well-being themes.


Thanks to its digital implementation, the challenge can be run regardless of physical location, so it also works in international, multi-site and remotely working organizations


The challenge can be based on a common goal, a competition between teams or a combination of both.


Why do challenges work?

A successful challenge is a time-limited, clear-cut concept. This means that the workplace can be very broadly involved, as long as the theme is inspiring, communication is clear and participation is easy.

Check out one of our most popular challenges here.

Case examples

HeiaHeia has organised thousands of wellbeing challenges over the years. You'll find many customer stories on our blog - here are a few examples:

  • Leading health provider Mehiläinen has activated more than 22,000 employees in 600 locations through several challenges.
  • Construction technology company Hilti found a new way to promote employee wellbeing even in a remote work setting.
  • Dairy company Arla attracted employees of all ages and from all backgrounds.
  • Gaming company Relax Gaming brought together remote teams from eight offices across Europe to reach common wellbeing objectives.

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