Polar & HeiaHeia collaborate for impactful global corporate wellbeing

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In today's working environment, which can include hybrid or remote working arrangements, supporting employee wellbeing has become increasingly important for employers. By combining wearables with engaging and fun corporate wellbeing challenges, Polar and HeiaHeia offer a comprehensive solution for the modern workplace.


What is the Polar x HeiaHeia solution?

We have partnered with Polar, a world leader in personal guidance for fitness, sport, and health, to provide a corporate wellbeing solution that seamlessly integrates the data captured by Polar’s wearables with HeiaHeia's motivational and gamified wellbeing platform. Thanks to Polar x HeiaHeia, you can promote employee wellbeing and productivity by encouraging your employees to move, stay active and rest well - all while challenging each other in team competitions.

Companies, big or small, can offer Polar x HeiaHeia to their employees. All the employer needs to do is to choose their favourite Polar products and sign up for a HeiaHeia subscription, an annual subscription or a 2-month one-off challenge.



”The Perfect Day” Challenge

Polar x HeiaHeia promotes a sense of community and belonging across teams with inclusive, user-friendly company-wide challenges. Fun and social challenges are a phenomenal, proactive way to help employees develop physical wellbeing, ensuring they’re well-rested, motivated, and ready for another productive day of work. More than 70% of HeiaHeia users increase their wellbeing and more than 75% report an improvement in sense of belonging.

Simple actions like walking up the stairs, taking a conference call while going for a walk, or just sleeping a little bit longer can have a positive impact on our wellbeing and health. The Perfect Day Challenge, provided by HeiaHeia, encourages employees to take actions like these to reach milestones and collect points.

As participants progress through the challenge, they’ll get actionable insights and tips on how Polar features can help them live the perfect day in real life by living in-tune with their body’s natural rhythm.


The Polar x HeiaHeia solution is now available globally, in over 20 languages.

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