Climbing to Success: OP Tampere's Record-Breaking Journey with HeiaHeia

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OP Tampere is a part of OP Financial Group, one of the largest financial groups in Finland. OP Tampere is one of the largest banks in the group, employing more than 280 finance professionals with diverse education backgrounds and work experience.

As a company committed to prioritizing employee wellbeing, OP Tampere has regularly organized wellbeing challenges for its staff. In an effort to make wellbeing programs effective, HR experts at the company have experimented with different challenge formats to discover what resonates with the employees, and used software such as Excel to manage wellbeing programs.

However, organizing wellbeing challenges with those methods proved to be a time-consuming task for HR, especially with tools like Excel that are not designed for the task. Participation rates in wellbeing challenges were also low. Recognizing these limitations, OP Tampere sought a better solution.


Enter HeiaHeia Pro - a platform designed for managing wellbeing challenges and programs that boost employee wellbeing and sense of community. OP Tampere's needs were perfectly addressed by the user-friendly interface and comprehensive wellbeing challenge functionality offered by HeiaHeia. The ability to organize multiple challenges seamlessly and efficiently made HeiaHeia Pro an ideal solution for the company.

Getting started

HeiaHeia Pro was introduced to the OP Tampere staff with an exciting Mount Everest challenge, in which participants climbed towards the summit by exercising. The challenge saw unprecedented participation. 


"Implementing HeiaHeia was almost as easy as pushing a button"

Terhi Paattilammi, HR Specialist, OP Tampere 

The HeiaHeia team collaborated closely with OP Tampere to ensure a smooth deployment (without a single support request!). 

“With HeiaHeia, we have been able to organise wellbeing activity for our entire staff with a fraction of the time and effort required by our earlier solutions, such as using Excel.”

Terhi Paattilammi, HR Specialist, OP Tampere 


The HeiaHeia wellbeing program has exceeded everyone's expectations, achieving a remarkable 96% staff participation rate. Beyond mere participation, employees actively embraced the Mount Everest challenge. OP Tampere inspired most of their employees to exercise according to recommendations - averaging over 3.5 hours of exercise per week, far surpassing national averages. Engagement and sense of community were palpable, with over ten thousand cheers exchanged and nearly twenty teams created on the HeiaHeia platform.

“We have seen unprecedented engagement and participation rates - it has been great to observe how our employees have motivated each other on this journey”

Tarja Sara, Chief Officer, People, Culture & MarCom., OP Tampere

Employees are continuously engaging with the personal digital programs available on their HeiaHeia app. Programs for yoga and office workouts have been particularly popular.

Feedback from employees has been very positive - the average rating is a solid 5/5, with several comments about increased physical activity and motivation from colleagues. What participants have especially valued:

👍 Sense of community; seeing what activities one’s colleagues are interested in
👏 Playful competition between teams and colleagues
📱 The clarity of the app and the personal programs available
✅ Reaching the goal together

More wellbeing initiatives to come

OP Tampere eagerly anticipates the next challenge, planned for the spring. Launching new challenges will be a breeze, with HeiaHeia now familiar to all employees and with the HeiaHeia challenge selection continuously expanding with new templates.

OP Tampere is a great example of both the impact of a successful wellbeing challenge concept and the benefits of using software “designed for the job”. 

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