Introducing HeiaHeia 5.0: New and improved wellbeing points for employee wellbeing

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Summary of the updates

HeiaHeia is a social wellbeing service with Free and Pro service levels. HeiaHeia 5.0 presents major updates to the Pro service:

A new wellbeing point system that engages users to holistic wellbeing

Plus menu re-arranged to match the point system

Instant feedback with your daily points

Annual wellbeing point statistics

 Improved team functionalities and team chat


New and improved wellbeing points

HeiaHeia 5.0 introduces a new wellbeing point system that motivates individuals to create healthy habits by reaching their wellbeing goals each day. This game-like element motivates users to hit meaningful daily wellbeing targets: you get points for steps, exercise, hobbies, micro actions, and cheering for your friends.

The basis for our point system is everyday activity: you get one point for each step you take. Points for exercise are weighted based on intensity of the exercise type (a simplified MET scale): light exercises give you less points per minute, heavy ones give you more. For a typical “medium-hard” exercise type you might get 100 points per minute. If you also get steps for the same exercise, we’ve dropped the points by one “level” in the MET scale. Hobbies and micro actions give you by by default 500 points per entry. As before, employers can choose micro actions that fit the company’s needs or e.g. ongoing wellbeing initiatives best. Cheering gives you 100 points per cheer.

In total, a good point target is 7500 points per day - you reach this e.g. by taking 5000 steps per day (suggested by latest research as a level that unlocks health benefits) and by following the exercise recommendations of e.g. the WHO.

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The Plus Menu guides you

The habit loop continues with instant feedback: Each entry you log shows the points you’ll get for it. Your daily results are shown real-time in the My Day card. In the feed below the My Day card, you also see how your friends have accumulated points with their latest activities.

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Instant feedback drives habit creation

We’ve built a complete “habit loop” in the app based on the new point system: The My Day card in the home page reminds you of how to get your daily points. The Plus Menu replicates the My Day card and shows how to take action to get points.

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Annual point statistics

The last step of the habit loop is the long term benefits: health benefits are unlocked by forming long-term habits, not by one-day heroics. Our annual point stats show you your point distribution: what you excel at, what could be improved. Your points are also a key input in HeiaHeia’s wellbeing challenges: you can travel around the world or climb Mount Everest with them!

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One more thing: team improvements

With this update, we’ve also re-organised the second tab of the app for better usability. A key benefit here is to highlight the team chat better in the second tab.

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Available now both to old and new customers

Starting January 1st 2024, all our corporate customers will have access to the new point system and other improvements.

For more information about our HeiaHeia Free and HeiaHeia Pro services, visit


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