New: HeiaHeia 4.0 - wellbeing challenges take a giant leap forward


One of the biggest updates in the history of HeiaHeia

A completely new, game-like challenge format, in which participants and teams proceed on a map or a board game, unlocking content milestones

Support for Micro Actions - small daily tasks that make challenges even more fun, impactful, and holistic

A journal for your hobbies, supporting positive habits and e.g. recovery more broadly than ever

New, game-like challenge format

New HeiaHeia service plans include a completely new challenge format, in which participants and teams proceed on a map / game board, using steps, exercises, "micro actions" or wellbeing points as input, unlocking content milestones. The format is based on one of the most popular wellbeing challenge concepts in Europe, used by thousands of companies with stellar success stories. Some of the most popular challenge templates include "To the Moon", "Around the World" and "Climbing Mount Everest". 



Micro actions make challenges more fun and holistic

Small actions can have big consequences. In HeiaHeia's challenges, participants can gain bonus by completing micro actions. Being able to take part in a wellbeing challenge with micro actions lowers the threshold to participate, increases the impact of the challenge - and promotes holistic wellbeing.

Popular micro action themes include e.g. nutrition, healthy work day routines, and recovery. In practice, you can collect bonus points e.g. by drinking a liter of water during the workday, taking a refreshing break, or giving some positive feedback to a colleague. It's fun, easy, and effective!


Hobby journal

For years, HeiaHeia has been a popular social exercise diary with a casual "everything counts" attitude. The supported list of over 600 activity types has included traditional sports activities as well as a variety of free time activities and hobbies. The latest update offers a clearer division into physical activity and other hobbies you might want to keep a diary of, like culture, handcrafts, or outdoor activities.


The initial list of hobby categories available includes Crafts, Culture, For a greater good, Fun and games, Home and garden, Outdoors, and Relaxation and recovery. We are planning to expand the list of categories and hobbies based on user feedback. 


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