HeiaHeia is part of Mehiläinen's occupational healthcare solutions

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Mehiläinen and HeiaHeia have a long history of cooperation to offer Mehiläinen's occupational healthcare customers high-quality digital content packages in an easy-to-use form of HeiaHeia for Workplaces application.


Leveraging digitality to bring results 

The collaboration has proven to be both necessary and popular, as increasing remote work has accelerated the digitization of the promotion of occupational wellbeing. The role of technology in the wellbeing services is expected to increase extremely, and it has been declared to be one of the biggest change trends in the future.

HeiaHeia recently conducted a survey in cooperation with Aalto University's Department of Industrial Engineering and Management, aimed at Human Resources decision-makers. According to the study, remote work emerges new demands on occupational wellbeing. One significant part of our wellbeing comes from the sense of community that arises from daily encounters, and naturally, this decreases vastly, when working remotely. The study also shows that employers have clear expectations for modern wellbeing solutions. They require any wellbeing solution to have an easy access, equally for all employees and the ability to respond to individual wellbeing challenges and needs. For this new working environment, the wellbeing solution produced by Mehiläinen and HeiaHeia offers an effective way to promote the wellbeing and to increase the sense of community among the employees of any kinds of organizations.



"HeiaHeia is a perfect addition to Mehiläinen's other wellbeing solutions for its occupational health customers. It is a community driven way to promote individual's wellbeing even before bigger problems arise."


HeiaHeia is a perfect addition to Mehiläinen's other wellbeing solutions for its occupational health customers. It is a community driven way to promote individual's wellbeing even before bigger problems arise, says Heljä Pyyhtiä, Product Manager of Mehiläinen Worklife services.

HeiaHeia helps work communities to respond to today's wellbeing challenges in a positive way. Our goal is to inspire everyone to improve their wellbeing, regardless of starting level. At Mehiläinen, this goal is supported by their own wellbeing program sets, and HeiaHeia offers an easy-to-use platform to implement these tailored programs. "This has been an effective cooperation in terms of increasing wellbeing in work communities. We have recieved super positive feedback by our customers, and more than a thousand Mehiläinen programs have been launched," comments HeiaHeia's CEO Olli Iso-Mustajärvi.


Arla is a happy customer of Mehiläinen & HeiaHeia solution

Several companies from different industries have adopted the service package with good results. One of these customers is Arla, who has been very succesfull in promoting wellbeing and sense of community among their employees.

Arla launched an exercise challenge in January 2021. Their goal was to "reach the Moon" (or 380,000 kilometers) by exercising. More than 200 people from Arla took part in the challenge by accumulating kilometers by running, walking, skiing, cycling, and being active in other ways. The participants used the HeiaHeia exercise application to log their exercise performance and follow the kilometer goal, which also encouraged coworkers.

"We accumulated up to 17,000 kilometers of exercise per week, and we reached our goal already in October. We intend to continue to support the physical activity of our personnel, as it has a positive correlation with wellbeing at work. Mehiläinen provides occupational health services for Arla, and this cooperation with HeiaHeia supports well our intention," says Tiia Lappalainen, responsible for workability issues for Arla.

The application has been well received among the users. Thousands of users have rated the updated HeiaHeia application with more than 4.4 stars in the app stores. In the latest user survey, more than a thousand stories of successful lifestyle changes were received.

"When switched to working from my home office, I discovered the work ergonomics programs in HeiaHeia. When I was troubled by mouse hand, I could get rid of the problem with Mehiläinen's "prevent mouse hand" program", says one of the users of the HeiaHeia service.

"Mehiläinen also uses HeiaHeia with our own employees, and it has proven to be a fun way to activate employees through a playful competition," comments Heljä Pyyhtiä.