Bringing Colleagues Together: Introducing HeiaHeia's Community Wall

Community Wall
“You learn things about others that you'd never learn over lunch."

We at HeiaHeia are dedicated to providing the most fun and motivating wellbeing platform to our clients. A key benefit of HeiaHeia is its social nature - creating an active lifestyle driven social connection between employees. Today, we're excited to announce the launch of our latest feature, the Community Wall, which further strengthens the social dimension of HeiaHeia Pro, our commercial product for employee wellbeing.

The Community Wall feature has been designed with the employees of large enterprise customers in mind - and actually in co-operation with a large multinational customer of ours. Amplifying employee engagement and promoting healthy lifestyles, the Community Wall feature connects employees across countries, departments, units, and divisions through shared activities.

The Community Wall: Sharing Leads to Caring

The Community Wall enhances team spirit and a sense of belonging within the organisation. HeiaHeia has always been about peer support among your selected friends and colleagues. Now, employees can easily share their favourite activities and images with all their colleagues. This fosters a supportive community, inspiring everyone to actively participate in building a healthier workplace. In a large organisation, this can mean up to thousands of friendly eyeballs and encouraging cheers for your achievements.


Immediately Available for HeiaHeia Customers

The Community Wall has been developed in close customer co-operation, and it is already in use at the first customer communities. Based on our early experiences, we're excited to roll out this feature to other clients in the coming weeks.

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With the introduction of the Community Wall, we've also updated our Privacy Policy to ensure your employees' data is protected. Please review the updated policy on our website for more information.

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