Administer x HeiaHeia: How do you maintain a sense of belonging during rapid growth?

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Administer Group is a Finnish group of seven companies, founded in 1985, offering financial and payroll services, consulting services and software services to companies and municipalities. Administer Group employs over 700 people in Finland, Sweden and Estonia.


Administer Group's relationship with HeiaHeia has lasted several years, cementing HeiaHeia’s role as a reliable service that contributes to the wellbeing and sense of belonging of Administer Group’s expanding workforce, as well as the transition to remote and hybrid working. As Administer Group has grown through acquisitions, HeiaHeia has played an important role in welcoming new members to the Administer group. 

Company-wide, ongoing engagement 

HeiaHeia Pro is a solution to connect and motivate everyone towards better wellbeing and team spirit. HeiaHeia Pro was introduced to all Administer Group employees in 2020, and since then:

  • every Administer employee has had access to ongoing wellbeing support in the HeiaHeia application (community for peer support, digital programs etc.)
  • individuals and teams have been able to easily participate in company-wide fun wellbeing challenges.

Effortless ongoing collaboration

With HeiaHeia, Administer Group has been able to easily engage and motivate its growing number of employees on a variety of wellbeing topics (from holistic wellbeing to daily activity). By introducing new challenges with new motivating elements (link to the page), it has been easy for Administer Group to keep employees engaged in the wellbeing program. A good example is the recent challenge where Administer Group teams collected steps and were challenged to travel from Helsinki to Fuengirola, Spain to celebrate the opening of their newest office.

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Validated results

Administer Group sees HeiaHeia as a cost-effective and straightforward service to achieve two key benefits:

  1. maintain unity and team spirit during high growth and acquisitions 
  2. provide the same wellbeing support to all employees regardless of where they work 

These benefits are validated by data. Together with HeiaHeia, Administer Group has achieved some truly impressive milestones, such as

👍 100,000+ virtual cheers exchanged between employees

👣 Hundreds of millions of steps taken

📝1000+ digital wellbeing programs started by employees (such as office workout and running programmes)

"HeiaHeia has been a good and cost-effective solution for us and has met our needs particularly well" HR Management Coordinator Milla Scarcia


Administer Group's long-standing partnership with HeiaHeia demonstrates the enduring value of collaboration. Over the years, the service has consistently supported Administer Groups’s efforts to cultivate a culture of wellbeing and unity. Administer Group's experience underlines that HeiaHeia isn't just a one-off success tool, but a committed partner in an ongoing effort to support employee wellbeing and sense of belonging. 

“In our strategy personnel comes first. To support that HeiaHeia has an important role in our every day of life.” HR Director Paula Niemi

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