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Around the World Challenge
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Around the World

Around the World is one of HeiaHeia's most popular challenges. It takes organisations, individuals and teams around the world for six weeks to collect wellbeing points. The goal of the challenge is suitable for everyone and it's really easy to take part.

Getting started with HeiaHeia was almost as easy as pressing a button.


Around the world EN

A goal that suits everyone

Participants successfully complete the challenge by collecting an average of 7,500 points per day. Points are awarded for steps, exercise, micro-actions and encouragement by cheering - it all counts!

Wellbeing points are accumulated according to the following rules:


Steps: 1 p / step

Exercise: 20 - 200 p / minute

Micro actions: 500 - 2000 p / entry

Hobbies: 500 p /entry

Cheers: 100 p /cheer

My Day

Participation is easy

To participate, use the HeiaHeia mobile app or the browser version:

- The HeiaHeia app works as a pedometer - your phone is all you need
- Participants can also connect a smart device (Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, etc.) to HeiaHeia and the steps measured by the device will be automatically transferred to HeiaHeia
- participants can also log their steps manually. 

Physical activity:
- minutes can be conveniently logged  using the HeiaHeia app
- if the participant has connected a smart device (Fitbit, Garmin, Polar, etc.), the minutes are automatically transferred to HeiaHeia.

Micro actions: logged using the HeiaHeia app.

Encouragement/cheers: participants can cheer their friends' performances in the app's news feed.


Easy participation

It's more fun together

Participants can form teams and encourage each other, making participation even more fun. You can also participate without sharing your achievements with others - everyone can decide what motivates them.

- Creating a team: participants can create their own team and invite colleagues to join them.
- Joining a team: participants can join a team that has already been set up.
- Participating without a team: you can also participate without being part of a team.

A team must have at least two members to be visible on the map and in the leaderboards. (In some other HeiaHeia challenges, teams are already set up.)

Kopio Perusversio

Let's enjoy the journey

Participants monitor their own and their team's progress during the challenge. Along the way, milestones will be opened as we progress towards the goal!

Showing players on the map: participants can select colleagues and teams on the map according to who they want to follow.

Achieving goals: along the way, participants and teams unlock exciting content.

Adjusting their own visibility: participants can choose to hide themselves from others and from leaderboards.

Enjoy the journey


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