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A happier and
healthier organisation.
Offer better life to all your employees with the
HeiaHeia workplace engagement platform.
HeiaHeia is a social, gamified way to unlock energy in your organisation with daily wellbeing actions, encouragement, wellbeing and workout programs,and other high-quality content.
Your daily wellbeing companion
HeiaHeia is way more than a fitness application. It is a gamified, holistic wellbeing solution that adjusts to the needs and preferences of individual employees and your organisation.
Social and gamified
The secret of HeiaHeia is connecting employees. It creates a positive environment for peer support and gets people to encourage each other in healthy activities – across teams, offices and locations.
Tips and support on a daily basis
HeiaHeia offers your employees approachable digital programs designed by professionals. Our comprehensive program library provides guidance for different life situations and stages of individual wellbeing.
Research-backed impact
HeiaHeia, a pocket-sized digital powerhouse of wellbeing, is enjoyed by employees at thousands of organisations worldwide – but more than that it has been proven by academic research to improve wellbeing, social interaction and performance.
Data to improve decision-making
HeiaHeia is an easy way to promote wellbeing across your entire organisation. The aggregate data and analytics dashboards offer a unique, real-time view of your organisation’s state of wellbeing and valuable information to direct your wellbeing initiatives.
Let our experts work with you
A designated customer success expert will work with your team to get the most out of your wellbeing solution. An annual plan, created together, will make wellbeing initiatives structured, effective, and long-lasting.
Happiness and health for your employees
For employees
Support and motivation towards better wellbeing and quality of life
  • An activity diary with nearly 600 activities to choose from
  • Wellbeing points to track personal progress
  • Digital training programs and “habit change challenges”
  • Virtual cheering among colleagues and friends for social motivation
  • Participation in company-wide wellbeing programs and team challenges
  • Option to connect friends and family members for further motivation
For employer
Energy, team spirit and wellbeing
  • An easy wellbeing solution to engage your entire organisation
  • Academically researched and proven way to improve wellbeing, team spirit and performance
  • Positive environment for peer support and encouragement
  • Approachable personal training programs designed by professionals
  • Company-wide campaigns to boost team spirit
  • Real-time dashboards and statistics about your organisation’s wellbeing
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HeiaHeia is developed by Hintsa Performance, a leading provider of high performance coaching and digital wellbeing services. Hintsa’s services are trusted by individuals, teams and organisations worldwide to improve their health, wellbeing and performance in a sustained, measurable way.
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