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"Our criteria for a wellbeing program: easy to participate, easy to organize"


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HeiaHeia Pro

Do it yourself: offer a wellbeing app and organize challenges

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  Your HeiaHeia community, including teams

  Library of programs and exercises (body and mind)

  Wellbeing points and wellbeing actions (customizable tasks)

  Unlimited HeiaHeia challenges (team race, common goal etc.)

  Ready HeiaHeia templates

  Reporting, analytics and dashboards

  Setup and on-boarding services

  User support

Pricing example 200 users: 625€/month (with annual contract). Price is based on actual user amount.

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HeiaHeia Pro+

Turnkey: a full-fledged wellbeing program coordinated by our expert

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  All services & features of HeiaHeia Pro

  Library of programs and exercises (body-mind-better workday; includes active break workouts)

 Annual plan for your organization

 HeiaHeia challenges managed as a service by HeiaHeia experts

 Custom reporting for enabling wellbeing-related rewarding / incentive scheme

Pricing example 200 users: 1025€/month (with annual contract). Price is based on actual user amount.

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Customized solution for your needs

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We've implemented several large-scale digital wellbeing and health solutions. Let's discuss your objectives and find out how we could help you achieve them with HeiaHeia.

What Our Customers Say

"With HeiaHeia, we've been able to support everyone - anywhere, anytime. Our wellbeing program now has the power to bring people together."

Johanna Tokola

"Our program interests all kinds of people, from different age groups and backgrounds."


Tiia Lappalainen

"The power of the work community as a source of motivation is significant, and HeiaHeia helps harness it in a natural way."  


Tomi Korpikoski

"HeiaHeia has been the perfect tool to keep our teams in touch and motivated throughout lockdown and remote working."

Anna Bärling
Relax Gaming

"In addition to our daily team-specific Teams encounters, we wanted to bring something different, more informal, into our everyday lives."

Tiina Hildén
Hilti Finland


Complement your HeiaHeia program with services from our partners:

  Assessments and wearables
  Active workplace assessments
 Lectures and coaching
 Digital content
 Events and seminars

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