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Making a positive impact on your wellbeing is doing small things right. It’s all about making simple lifestyle adjustments and reinforcing positive habits.

HeiaHeia offers excellent possibilities for companies to improve wellness. With HeiaHeia, you can create wellness programs and initiatives that touch on themes best suited for your company. With HeiaHeia, promote any aspect of wellbeing to employees in a fun and engaging way!

Active Workday Meter

Supremely versatile wellbeing tools

The beauty of our platform lies in its flexibility: You can set just the wellness targets you want and HeiaHeia will accommodate. It all works with the same easy-to-use, versatile user interface our users love.

The process for creating a wellness program is very simple: It’s just a matter of deciding a wellness theme, setting suitable goals, logging activities and following the progress of your colleagues. This is all done using a tried-and-true user interface and utilizing features that have proven their worth in creating motivation and engagement.

Wellness example: Active Workday

When trying to negate the ill effects of a stationary, sedentary workday small changes in daily routines are all it takes. Making full use of standing desks, having standing or walking meetings and taking small stretching breaks daily are easy habits when your co-workers are doing it too and cheering one another!

HeiaHeia makes it easy to become aware of your daily work habits – and change them for the positive. You can set company-wide goals for an active workday, share related info with an integrated, effective communications channel and cheer others!

You can also decide to team up in order to get smaller groups to inspire each other in the quest for a healthier workday. Motivational messages and small rewards go a long way in making a team feel good about accomplishments they’ve reached together.

HeiaHeia’s intuitive statistics features allow individual employees to see first hand how they are doing with changing their habits for the healthier.

We cover all aspects of wellness

Making workdays more active and negating the unhealthy effects of sitting is a very important theme, but HeiaHeia can do so much more for your wellness goals.

For example, nutrition plays a huge role in healthy habits and with HeiaHeia, it’s possible to set and work towards concrete goals. Each company can decide the nutrition goals that are central to their working environment and suit their employees, and our platform adapts to accommodate. Drinking enough water and avoiding junk food are just a few examples of easy nutrition goals with a lot of benefit to offer.

Recovery is something health professionals are continually promoting as an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. This theme includes things like a good night’s sleep, allowing time for relaxation in the evening and ensuring your ability to work and function in your everyday.

Remember, whether you want to base your wellness campaign on drinking water, being a positive colleague or choosing to ditch the elevator for the stairs, it’s all very easy to do with HeiaHeia!

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