Dear users and friends,

We launched exactly two years ago, on 21st December 2009!

Here are some nice highlights from our second year of operations – it sure was a busy year:

– WIRED UK listed us as one of Europe’s hottest start-ups!

– We won the “MTL Communications Award” (PR in Finnish) for the best B2C communications campaign in Finland in 2011 (actually tied with Finnair’s “Rethink Quality” campaign – Finnair’s campaign went on to also win at the European Excellence Awards, which we didn’t apply for ; )

– We started 2011 with a major update to the service: e.g. the current “activity meter” in the top of the page was launched then

– We ran several user surveys to understand better, to what direction we should develop HeiaHeia

– We launched a major update to the “Stats” view – the stats enable you to re-enjoy your past activities, as well as e.g. track your progress in any given sport type

– We launched a corporate wellbeing view to HeiaHeia, already used by dozens of organizations in about ten different countries, and growing fast

– We launched a pilot project with the Finnish Defence Forces (PR in Finnish), aiming to improve the physical condition of 18-year-old conscripts before they join the army

– Towards the end of the year, we launched two major updates: An “easy training program generator” in co-operation with Fazer and SATS, enabling you to create a training program tailored to you with just a few clicks! Also, we launched a “New Sport Wizard“, enabling you to create your own sport types in HeiaHeia. The new sport queue (we review and if needed, translate all new sports) is currently about 2000 new sport types long! (many of them doubles ; ). We’re pushing to empty the queue by the new year!

– The service has been growing fast all through the year, also through the darkest autumn/winter days in the northern hemisphere. ; )

– We’ve received and heard hundreds of awesome “feel-good stories” from users, ranging from “reaching your sporty targets” to “rehabilitating yourself after a surgery with the help of peer-motivation” and “losing 16 kilos”. A big thank you for sharing these stories with us!

– We’ve also gone through some “growing pains” during the year, related e.g. to overload situations – thanks for your patience as we work through these, and also a big thanks for all bug reports, comments, suggestions, and ideas!

Next on our agenda:

– We’re going to further improve HeiaHeia by introducing new and fine-tuning the existing, based mostly on the top requests from our user surveys

– We’ll be launching some very cool commercial co-operations soon

– Our corporate wellbeing tools develop all the time with the idea of “community motivation”

Finally, we’d like to say a warm-hearted Thank You for all of our users and friends for our first two years! Have a very relaxing holiday season and a sporty 2012!

– The HeiaHeia Team

PS. We think the best New Year’s resolution this year will be to start 2012 with a tailored training program in HeiaHeia! ; )