We’re excited to tell you that we have just launched the corporate wellbeing version of HeiaHeia! The idea in short is that the current HeiaHeia is a “me” view – showing your own activities and your personal friends’ activities. The corporate version is a “we” view – showing an organization’s common targets and members (colleagues) in that organization, as well as supporting e.g. a company’s hobby clubs. You can navigate between the “me” and “we” views with one click, the same training log is utilized in both views. Your privacy settings are naturally applied in both views.

The corporate version is a commercial product, which we license with a “Software as a Service” model, i.e. we run a corporate branded service for customer companies. This way, the customer companies get to enjoy a cutting edge web service and all its updates with minimal hassle and maximal cost efficiency.

We’ve tested the concept with four companies from different industries (environmental consulting, IT, retail/logistics, public sector). The key findings from these pilots were that our casual wellbeing approach does appeal to people with different activity levels, and that an atmosphere of positive cheering works also in corporate environments (the aggregate statistics showed great community achievements). In an example company, 90% of activated users actually log their activities, contribute to common goals, and cheer each other. The amount of physical activity per week per person has clearly grown during our pilot period. The top “sports” in this company are very casual – i.e. HeiaHeia has encouraged people to do more everyday activities like walking to work. As always, “everything counts” – we think all physical activity is good and worth cheering!

The launch of the corporate version has no impact on the users of the consumer version of HeiaHeia.com – we’ll continue developing it further as we’ve done so far and it continues to be a free of charge service for the users.

For more information on the corporate version, please contact us at corporate@heiaheia.com

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