Santa came a bit late this year – our Xmas release turned into a New Year’s release. But we very much believe it was worth waiting…

As a sign of the maturing of our service, we’ve dropped the word “Beta” from our name. Here are the key highlights of this release:

– New refreshed look
– New entry types: free form notes, sick days, whole new weight log
– New activity meter showing more: your trainings, your #1 sport, your cheers, your sick days & your mood
– New “Stats” tab for following your longer term progress
– A lot of little tweaks here and there: e.g. a cool search field in the “All sports” window

Check out these video tutorials on our new features:

HeiaHeia walkthrough I 030111

HeiaHeia walkthrough II 030111

Next steps: We’re pushing out new sport types (sorry for the long waiting time on these!) and some wintery cheers soon.

All comments & bug reports on the new features are very much welcome! For example the Stats tab is not a “final version” by any means, we’ll keep on developing it further and your feedback will be crucial in making it both useful and fun.

Heia 2011!