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Introducing great mobile experiences on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Symbian, and others

HeiaHeia.com is more than just a fun web service for keeping track of your physical activities and cheering for your friends. There are also several ways to use HeiaHeia from your phone – this blog post provides a quick walkthrough of the most popular ones.

The mobile experience covered here is divided into two main categories: “mobile sites” and “mobile apps”. Our mobile sites are built with the idea that they should work on any mobile phone with a modern browser. HeiaHeia-compatible apps are actually not “our” apps: they have been developed by partners and enthusiastic HeiaHeia users!

A word for all the mobile developers (big and small): if you’re planning to develop a sports or wellness related app and want to deepen your user experience – you can easily plug into HeiaHeia and its social, community, and statistics features.  Just ping us and let’s make it happen – check out our current API documentation for starters. We can also provide advice and support especially related to user experience and graphics, if needed.

Without further ado, here are short intros to two mobile sites and six apps, for all major mobile platforms:

Touch site: touch.heiaheia.com

Our touch site touch.heiaheia.com is designed to be simple, clean, and beautiful. This site runs on almost anything: iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian, BlackBerry, MeeGo, etc. You can use easily use it “as an app”: On your iPhone, just click “add to homescreen” on your browser, and you’ll get a shortcut icon.

Android: get the shortcut icon from Google Play


Some feature highlights:

– Log all kinds of physical activities (almost 400 activity types supported)
– “Check-in” to your gym, swimming pool, or any other place you like
– Keep log of your weight & sick days
– Cheer and comment
– All this in nine different languages

Non-touch site: m.heiaheia.com

Our “original” mobile site m.heiaheia.com offers basic functionality to almost any mobile device with a decent browser: it’s primarily designed for non-touch phones.

Android: HeiaSports

HeiaSports (developed by Timo Eskola) offers GPS tracking with lap data, manual entries, your own training log, embedded HeiaHeia touch site, cool horizontal navigation between views.

Get it from Google Play

iPhone: Heia Tracker

Heia Tracker (developed by Matti Mustonen) offers GPS tracking with a map view, manual entries, your own training log, and embedded HeiaHeia touch site.

Get it from Apple’s App Store


Symbian^3 and the Nokia N9: Barbell Gym Tracker

Barbell Gym Tracker (developed by PalvajarviSoft) stands out in this list of apps, as it’s primarily an app for planning and logging your gym exercises. You can currently get the app for your Nokia Symbian^3 device or the Nokia N9, but there are expansion plans to other platforms, so stay tuned!

Get it from the Nokia Store


Windows Phone: Training Diary for WP7

Training Diary for WP7 (developed by Mikko Valta) offers simple & easy GPS tracking of exercises and a training log.

Get it from Windows Phone Marketplace

Android: Heia2Go

Heia2Go (developed by Digia) offers GPS tracking with map and data views, manual entries, your own training log, and a weight log.

Get it from Google Play

Maemo / MeeGo: eCoach

eCoach (developed by Sampo Savola) offers GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, and a training log.

Get it from Maemo Garage

Give us feedback:

As always, all ideas and comments about mobile are very much welcome! All the developers also have their own feedback channels in the application stores.

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  1. Mia Toivonen 17.6.2012 at 21.25 - Reply

    The mobile application doesn’t measure kilometers and the route right in Windows phone (Lumia). I had Sport tracker running at the same time and it did meassure the whole route right. In Training diary it seemed that the route was marked at the places where was some kind of a street or road. I walked in the woods and this app got that really wrong. I wonder if there’s a Finnish programmer who doesn’t know that there are several paths in the city woods, where people walk. I wonder how this manages when walking in the REAL woods, not these city woods I was walking… 🙂

  2. priyanka 11.7.2012 at 10.07 - Reply

    So many apps in market but, here you can find one of the best apps for your android. its a best choice for your android.

  3. Joel 17.7.2012 at 13.02 - Reply

    Are you going to make a native WP app anytime soon? Touch-website is ok, but there is so much more what you could utilize in WP app.

    I prefer to track my bicycle trips and jogginf with Run The Map: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-US/apps/81d90080-028e-e011-986b-78e7d1fa76f8
    It is free, simple, crash-free and has .GPX export feature built in, so I can easily transfer my excercises to HeiaHeia.

  4. Juho Äännevaara 3.9.2012 at 10.15 - Reply


    Thanks for the WP app!

    Is there going to be a version in some point that also includes the additional information to the HeiaHeia bookings? I’m talking about the avg speed and elevation and such. Maybe even a rough estimate on the consumed calories… if you cannot utilize the possibility of taking the information form Sports Tracker HR belt. 😉

  5. Caj 4.9.2012 at 17.34 - Reply

    I have training diary free to my nokia lumia. Why cant I send my trainings to HeiaHeia. All it says is: The remote server returned an error: NotFound
    Anybody help, please!!

  6. varun 19.9.2012 at 7.23 - Reply

    Impressive..I started using this..And you guys support all the phones in the world..Thumps up… would like to see more facebook intergration. Like FB widget that updates my activity..

  7. Janne 9.11.2012 at 9.59 - Reply

    I’ve tried the 2 android apps mentioned here and both seem to have trouble accessing GPS data. So the main benefit of having an app (to get speed & distance data) does not work. I miss the meegos ecoach already.

  8. Petr K. 25.3.2013 at 23.04 - Reply

    I have Nokia N900 and the application eCoach linked with HeiaHeia is simply amazing.
    Thank you

  9. Kaisa Julku 10.12.2013 at 21.12 - Reply

    I’m not understand, why not Heiaheia tracker is not write to Finnish. Or if it is, how I change that? Maybe Im stupid, if I cant find that language settings. And If there’s not Finnish option… then i am just sad, becouse that language thing helpped me better to do my sports. And this company is from Finland so I suppose that i can use heiaheia tracker on my own language.

    If this problem not count, this heiaheia thing is fantastic. 🙂

  10. Juha 11.12.2013 at 21.49 - Reply

    Is anyone willing to make a native Sailfish app? It’s the first thing I miss on my new Jolla.

  11. Nikke 14.4.2014 at 19.51 - Reply

    Laittakaa nyt hitossa se suomenkieli toimimaan. En lataa pelkastaan siksi, koska mainontanne monikielisyydesta on valhetta. Kielen vaihtamisen jalkeen tietosivut ovat edelleen ns. persiillaan. Mita valia silla on missa mina olen, noin teknologisessa mielessa…. korjatkaapa nuo niin katsellaan.

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