Yesterday’s release was a success: we broke our daily records in new users, server load and exercises logged during yesterday! We’re still settling login issues for some of you, but please be patient here, everybody should be up & running soon.

The most popular feedback topic after yesterday’s release was the weight log. Thanks for all the comments! The overall sentiment was that the new implementation is not good enough as it is – so let’s make it better!

We wanted to achieve three things with the weight log update: 1) to remove the actual weight figure from the home page (popular request – having the figure there prevented people from sharing their screen) 2) to make the log accessible & editable without having to make an entry 3) to create a clear visual style we can start building on. The current graph is quite minimalistic and the labeling doesn’t support all use cases, but it’s straight-forward now to develop the weight log further, to do more and richer things with your weight data.

So please send us any ideas or comments you might have on the weight log to help us make it rock!