We’ve just added 54 new activity types to HeiaHeia, based on user requests! We now support a total of 340 different types of “sports” ranging from road biking to skydiving and rug washing, from roller derby to zumba and synchronized skating.

New sport types added today:

Freediving, Streetball, Roller derby, Springboard diving, Infrared sauna, Wheelchair curling, Simplefit, Swamp walking, Swamp running, Swamp football, Car washing, Suburi, Water skiing, Trikke, Mรถlkky, MBT-walking, Kundalini yoga, Line dancing, Belly dancing, Back exercises, Rug washing, Rescue dog activity, Spear fishing, Bailing hay, Baby swimming, Croquet, Bodyharmony, Moonwalk, Parallel bars, Bandy, Painting, Synchronized skating, SHAPE, Wife carrying,ย  Flexi-bar, Deep stretching, Ab wheel, P90X, Diabolo, Motorcycle trials, Open water swimming, Trail running,ย  Aviation, Stable work, Touch rugby, Kung fu, Canine freestyle, Skike, Irish dancing, Afro, Motocross, Canyoning, Miniature golf, Oriental dance. Huh! ; )

If there are issues with terminology or translations in any of the sports, please let us know!

A special request to our users: as you may have noticed, our sport icon creation is sometimes lagging a bit behind and we use our generic H! icon for some sports. If you have the required Photoshopping skills, we can share our sport icon PSD templates with you, so that you can create an icon for your favourite sport (either creating a new icon or to fix an existing one).