HeiaHeia is a cost-efficient online SaaS product that improves the business of companies and professionals in the health, wellness and fitness industry. HeiaHeia has been designed with a platform philosophy – to support 3rd party involvement. A number of wellness service providers already offer HeiaHeia as part of their service portfolio – examples include e.g.:

  • insurance companies
  • occupational health service providers
  • health coaches and consultancies
  • fitness centers
  • personal training companies
  • social media consultancies.

Examples of benefits of offering HeiaHeia to your customers include:

  • revenue and new business from online-based challenges and campaigns that you set up, manage, and measure
  • cost savings: flexible interaction with members of your client’s organization without having to resort to phone or on-site visits
  • better customer service: better visibility into how your client organization responds to health promotion activities
  • differentiation: a leading-edge, award-winning product that end users will love!

HeiaHeia’s international partner program supports various models of cooperation. We support our partners with materials, in some cases even with marketing funding, and also offer a reseller commission for product sales generated by our partners.

If you want to discuss partnership, contact us now!