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360 degrees of wellness

HeiaHeia is a versatile motivation tool for fitness and wellness with over 400 types of activities to choose from. Everyone can use it. It’s common to see very high participation rates in workplace wellness programs within just days.

HeiaHeia’s award-winning service is acclaimed for its easy use. Employees can use HeiaHeia with a web browser or mobile. There are also several integrated 3rd-party applications available for smartphone platforms.

Extensive social features

HeiaHeia is a Wellbeing 2.0 service in the truest sense of the word.

Employees can choose to share activities within HeiaHeia and comment and encourage colleagues with virtual ‘Cheers’. Sharing on Twitter and Facebook, too, is a breeze.

Of course, if you just wish to keep a personal logbook of activities, you don’t have to share anything; HeiaHeia lets users choose the privacy level that suits them.

Stats for the user and organization

Statistics provided by HeiaHeia enable employees to easily see their own activities in many ways – see weekly or yearly statistics, or sort by activity, just to name a few.

With HeiaHeia’s online dashboard, you get a real-time view into how your organisation engages in wellness activities. In a summary of activity levels and a breakdown by subgroups, you’ll be able to see how the wellness promotion program proceeds.


Common goals and wellbeing challenges

Team challenges and company-wide projects are some of our most popular features. A common goal or a bit of light-hearted competition is great for uniting entire work communities and creating team spirit.

Contest and challenge themes are fully customizable for your workplace. Everyone can easily follow progress from a visual meter at the top of the Workplace view.

As for the theme, it’s up to your organisation: invent your own, have your staff suggest one or ask us for tried-and-true ideas.



Advanced training programs

HeiaHeia’s online training programs have been carefully created by top fitness experts. Every user’s program is individually customised based on the employee’s inputs: fitness level, needs, and preferred program type – in fact, there are thousands of different program variations. It takes less than a minute to set up a training program.

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