“Personally, HeiaHeia is a great tool for tracking the exercise that I do. As a tool for our exercise promotion program, HeiaHeia worked great: as leaders for the program, we could see the activity that everyone was doing – the system clearly indicated how our team was performing against the target. Everyone could take part at their own level of fitness which is important when you have a group of people with a range of levels of enthusiasm for fitness. Our objectives were to raise money for a cancer charity and to encourage people to develop a healthy habit by exercising regularly, which we achieved.”

“The success of our program exceeded our expectations. Significantly more people were participating than in our earlier similar projects. Through the fun and colourful feeling of HeiaHeia, even the ‘couch potatoes’ began exercising, which had indeed been our main aim. HeiaHeia also encouraged many forms of exercise, which was seen as being purposeful.”

“We teamed up with HeiaHeia to pilot a new corporate wellness coaching concept together at several blue-chip companies. The results were great – we were able to get employees make changes in health behaviour. HeiaHeia is a tool that really gets people moving.”

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