Welcome to H2H Performance

H2H Performance Ltd (Hintsa Performance and HeiaHeia) is an international leader in holistic wellbeing coaching and employee wellness solutions. Our digital wellbeing solutions are used by hundreds of organisations around the world, ranging from SMEs to large multinational companies and insurance businesses. Our coaching customers range from Formula 1 world champions to top corporate executives.

Our principle is that everything we recommend to our customers should be scientifically proven, our methods are based on guidance of our own science board, which consists of renowned international domain experts from different areas of human wellbeing. Our mission is to offer our customers a Better Life – and Better Performance as a by-product of your improved overall wellbeing.

Open positions

In case we wouldn’t have any open positions suitable for you at the moment, we’re always¬†interested in talented people to join our growing group. Send us your CV to careers@heiaheia.com and let us know what kind of tasks you’re interested in.