End of support for HeiaHeia’s Windows Phone app

HeiaHeia turns seven in 2017. Over the years, we have served hundreds of thousands of users and several hundred companies all over the world. To promote fitness and workplace wellness, we have offered wide-ranging support for different mobile operating systems as well as activity, sports and sleep trackers. When we were starting out in 2010, [...]

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Record at will, track with HeiaHeia

Many of you have been asking about importing your training data from other apps to HeiaHeia. Your wishes have been heard! You can now import your workouts and activities from Strava and numerous other fitness and wellness apps by connecting your HeiaHeia app with Google Fit (Android) or Apple Health (iOS). Bring all your workouts to HeiaHeia [...]

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Dump the slump! 5 ways to improve your posture by HeiaHeia

A good posture. What does it mean and why does it matter? Take a moment to register how your body feels as you read this. How is your head positioned? What about your shoulders? How do you sit, or stand? Smartphone slump or text neck? Daily life is full of repetitive tasks done in a [...]

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6 tips for a more energetic workday by sports doctor Pippa Laukka

Who wouldn’t want to feel energetic all through the workday and off the clock? In all honesty, how often do we? Too seldom and all too irregularly, most of us would probably say. The season poses an extra challenge with daylight fading fast as Christmas draws near. On a bad day, life feels as dreary [...]

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Withings Products Now on HeiaHeia

French-designed Withings smartwatches, now a part of Finnish Nokia, are an elegant and subtle choice for tracking health and fitness. Add a social and motivating dimension to the seamless Withings experience by connecting your device to HeiaHeia. Sync your most important info to HeiaHeia Withings is a large family of digital health products, and HeiaHeia [...]

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Improving workplace wellness step by step

HeiaHeia and SKF began their successful partnership in the spring of 2015. The goal was to exercise the equivalent of a global tour of SKF sites, meanwhile tracking personal activity using HeiaHeia and Polar’s high quality fitness trackers and sports watches. SKF keeps wheels turning Swedish manufacturing company SKF has been a leading global technology [...]

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We have teamed up with the leading employment pension company to launch a new app!

In the autumn, H2H Performance and Ilmarinen will launch their jointly developed Parempi vire (‘More energy’) app that will help energise employees and businesses and boost their activities. The app is a fun and motivating way for employees to take care of their wellbeing and improve the productivity of work. Teaming up with Ilmarinen is a [...]

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New season, new sports: catch them all at HeiaHeia!

HeiaHeia has once again broadened its scope! We have added more than 50 new sports to our 500+ activities in 2016. Listed you will find the hottest fitness and wellness trends, everything from Pokémon GO to barefoot running, from mindfulness through Dancehall moves to the Finnish dance-pavilion-inspired craze known as Lavis! Riding the trend wave [...]

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Make the most of summer with the season’s favorite sports!

Summertime and the livin' is easy, as the song says. But do the lyrics apply to all summer activities? What sort of sports do we favor in the summer and why? We analyzed millions of HeiaHeia entries from several hundred thousand users from May 2012 through May 2016 in search of a comprehensive view of [...]

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More wearables than ever on HeiaHeia!

HeiaHeia is more inclusive than ever! We currently support the following fitness, activity and sleep trackers: Fitbit, Beddit, Suunto, Garmin, Polar and Microsoft Band. Connect your wearable to your HeiaHeia account for a personal training, activity and sleep data center! All in one place! HeiaHeia has always been about helping people lead a more active [...]

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