Workplace wellness should be easy, fun and effective

HeiaHeia is a user-friendly platform with social, motivating features to improve employee wellness with measurable results.

With more than 400 activities to choose from, we have an exercise in store for every level of fitness and enthusiasm. Whether you run a team-based challenge or invite the whole company to work towards a common goal, HeiaHeia helps you get the ball rolling and keep it going.

Get started easily

You don’t need to mobilize your IT department or get extensive training to use HeiaHeia. Our platform is web-based, simple to use and available either online or on a mobile phone.

Our fitness challenges are just as easy to create, adopt and manage. We’ll visualize your progress along the way, real-time and at a glance.

Increase physical activity

Boost the energy and team spirit of your workplace? Companies do it all the time with HeiaHeia.

To see longstanding benefits, you need to motivate people across all activity levels. HeiaHeia makes it easy to target less active individuals because every activity counts.

On average, two out of three participants increase physical activity. In comparison to many employee wellness programs out there, it is a percentage we can be proud of.

Customize your program

No two companies are exactly alike. Neither are our fitness challenges.

Want to walk from coast to coast as a team? Build a challenge around a single activity or a certain amount of hours? Maybe exercise for charity? Hours, miles, steps or kilometers, we count them all, and every exercise counts.

If our tried-and-true templates don’t seem like a good fit, you can always brainstorm a challenge theme that clicks with your organization and workforce. We’ll help you get going.

Bring people together

The name HeiaHeia comes from a Scandinavian sports cheer.

We are firm believers in the power of social support. Peer motivation is a key enabler on the road to getting and staying fit.

HeiaHeia enables users to connect with colleagues, comment on and compare activities, share information, tips and positive messages. Everyone can cheer anyone, anywhere, and contribute to a virtuous circle of mutual support.