Exciting news: HeiaHeia merges with a leading sport and performance coaching company, Hintsa Performance. This merger will bring great benefits to all HeiaHeia customers and our end users.

What does this mean for an employer using HeiaHeia?

We can offer more comprehensive and better employee wellness solutions for all employee groups by integrating world-class coaching and wellness expertise and e.g. digital content onto our platform. We will also be able to accelerate the development of the platform and increase our delivery capacity thanks to stronger resources.

What does this mean for individual HeiaHeia users?

HeiaHeia will continue to be freely available to individual users – now we can accelerate the development of the service thanks to even stronger resources.

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Press Release:

Hintsa Performance, one of the world’s leading coaching companies focused on performance improvement in corporate and sports markets, is merging with HeiaHeia.com, a technology company that offers a digital all-in-one social platform for individual and corporate wellness.

Working with the most demanding customers in the world, the new organisation will develop first-class science-based proactive health and wellbeing solutions that will be made available globally for employee wellness programs using a digital platform and mobile applications.

Hintsa Performance and HeiaHeia began their collaboration in 2014, their initial pilot projects combining the unique mix of each company’s professors, doctors, top coaches, software engineers and marketers.

The Executive Chairman of the new company, Juha Äkräs, said:

“When we started our collaboration, it immediately felt like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle had been put together, and this merger is a natural continuation of that development. It’s a powerful statement of intent: no other organisation in the world has a similar combination of personnel and capabilities in this area. We are aiming to become the market leader in our category.”

Hintsa Performance’s holistic approach to wellbeing and performance, developed by Dr Aki Hintsa and a team of expert scientists, has been adopted by top corporate executives and professional sportsmen/women, such as Formula 1 world champions Mika Häkkinen, Kimi Räikkönen, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. Today the Science Board and Science Team of Hintsa Performance consist of dozens of leading scientists and other experts of their respective fields, such as sport and medical science, sleep and recovery, nutrition, biomechanics and psychology.

HeiaHeia began as a fitness application, but has since broadened its scope to promote all aspects of wellness. Indeed, HeiaHeia’s wellbeing software has been adopted by more than 400 companies around the world, including PepsiCo, IKEA, the Finnish Defence Forces, the UK’s National Health Service (NHS), and a number of insurance businesses in the United States.

The principal and abiding philosophy of Hintsa Performance is based on the idea that high performance is a by-product of general wellbeing. It is an approach based on scientific evidence, and as such, it will become more prevalent as our society is increasingly harnessing personal data from smartphones and wearable tech.

Jussi Räisänen, the CEO of the new company, added:

“We have everything from mobile apps to completely individualised top-level wellness and performance coaching, all based on the same deep-reaching philosophy, accessible to millions. This merger will enable us to offer the best holistic coaching know-how in the world to anyone who wants it.”

The head offices and development centre of the new organisation will be located in Helsinki, Finland, while Hintsa clinics will be based in Geneva, Switzerland and Helsinki, Finland.


Press contacts:

Juha Äkräs: juha.akras@hintsa.com, +358 40 801 0101

Jussi Räisänen: jussi@heiaheia.com, +358 50 386 6550

Hintsa Performance

The Hintsa philosophy and coaching methodology intended to improve wellness and performance has been developed over the past 20 years by Dr Aki Hintsa and his team. The main laboratory for this development work has been the Formula 1 racing class. Four F1 world champions (altogether 9 championships), along with several Olympic gold medalists, World Championship holders, and numerous international corporate executives have followed the Hintsa philosophy and methodology in practice. Deep medical insight is provided by the Hintsa Science Team, an international group of top doctors, scientists and health specialists.


HeiaHeia.com is a technology company that provides entertaining and gamified solutions to help people take better care of themselves. HeiaHeia offers an all-in-one workplace wellness tool for the modern employer. Since 2011, hundreds of employers and numerous insurance and wellness companies worldwide have chosen HeiaHeia as the SaaS platform for their wellness programs, including PepsiCo, IKEA, Ricoh, Ericsson, and Janssen (Johnson&Johnson Pharmaceuticals). HeiaHeia’s platform improves wellness program participation rates, makes healthy behavior changes more measurable, and creates a social community around healthy lifestyles. It is available as an online service with native apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. HeiaHeia is privately owned and headquartered in Helsinki, Finland, with business operations in the USA, the UK, and Sweden.