Social wellness on the go with our apps

HeiaHeia is a beautiful, social fitness app that motivates you to take better care of yourself.

HeiaHeia combines ease of use, fun sporty features, and encouragement from friends.

You can use the app independently or together with our web service for a richer set of statistics and other features.

All your exercise in one place

Our app is perfect for those of you, who like to keep fit e.g. by running, combined with cycling, swimming, BodyPump, yoga, or gym, spiced up with occasional berry picking, paragliding, jiujitsu, or maybe some horse polo.

Also, you might be into different activities than your friends – it’s good fun to follow their wresting and hot pilates entries, even if you are more a mountaineer yourself!

In other words, HeiaHeia is for normal people, who are looking for a fun and simple solution for keeping track of their activities. Over 450 activity types are already supported in HeiaHeia, and new ones are added frequently.

Get awarded for your achievements

HeiaHeia rewards you on many levels. You can set a weekly goal and race against yourself week by week.

Remember that consistency is key to wellness – being active two months a year doesn’t get you far! Being active on a sport type, being versatile, and being a member of an active workplace are examples of achievements, which are awarded with medals.

How many can you collect in a year?

With a little help from my friends

Our extensive social features allow you to share, cheer, comment and keep in touch with like-minded friends. You can also form a group e.g. for your club.

Cheering is the most visible way of supporting your friends: climbing on a higher user level in HeiaHeia unlocks more special cheers to give to your friends.

A little encouragement goes a long way!

Energize your workplace

HeiaHeia helps companies of all sizes to run workplace wellness programs and specialized campaigns within the program.

HeiaHeia’s continuous programs highlight the fact that wellness is a continuous lifestyle choice, not a one-off project.  These programs deliver tangible results: high participation rates, increased physical activity levels and a boost in team spirit.