New Year – All New!

Santa came a bit late this year – our Xmas release turned into a New Year’s release. But we very much believe it was worth waiting…

As a sign of the maturing of our service, we’ve dropped the word “Beta” from our name. Here are the key highlights of this release:

– New refreshed look
– New entry types: free form notes, sick days, whole new weight log
– New activity meter showing more: your trainings, your #1 sport, your cheers, your sick days & your mood
– New “Stats” tab for following your longer term progress
– A lot of little tweaks here and there: e.g. a cool search field in the “All sports” window

Check out these video tutorials on our new features:

HeiaHeia walkthrough I 030111

HeiaHeia walkthrough II 030111

Next steps: We’re pushing out new sport types (sorry for the long waiting time on these!) and some wintery cheers soon.

All comments & bug reports on the new features are very much welcome! For example the Stats tab is not a “final version” by any means, we’ll keep on developing it further and your feedback will be crucial in making it both useful and fun.

Heia 2011!

16 Responses to “New Year – All New!”

  1. AzP 4.1.2011 at 9.45 #

    WTF! Are you insane! “Too many choices is confusing”?!

    Bring Google Accounts back now! It is utterly crazy to support a crap alternative like Facebook (even though I have an account there), since I would NEVER use that account for anything else than wasting my life away, minute for minute.

    OpenID is the only way to go, and Google supports it. If people are so stupid to not understand how to log in, why can’t you just hide away the more “obscure” alternatives like the world largest internet-related company?

  2. Peter Absolon 4.1.2011 at 11.30 #

    I fully agree with above. Google OpenID was one of the reasons why I started to use this website. Having Facebook option to log in is “nice to have”, but sticking to that only is really stupid.

    Even when I try to create “native” account, the site says “Email can’t be blank * Email is already registered in the system” – and there is no option to enter anything into the e-mail field!!!

    It looks like Santa made some mistakes this time…

  3. Alex 4.1.2011 at 13.00 #

    I totally agree with the commenters above. Google account is something I’m planning on having for a long time, while Facebook was something I’ve got rid of within a year from creating. Even if the majority of users are ‘confused’, I’m willing to take an extra click into the ‘obscure’ part of the interface with all the extra ways to log into the system – just to NOT be made remember an extra login/password combination. Seems like I’ve been a naughty boy in 2010

  4. Henrik 4.1.2011 at 15.40 #

    And where is the possibily to change the sport type after it has been created? My gps tracking software (eCoach on N900) supports only a small subset of heiaheia’s sport types and I have no way to change the type afterwards :(

  5. Joel Latto 4.1.2011 at 19.07 #

    G-R-E-A-T update! Too bad you guys decided to stop supporting Google Accounts tough, it was and still is the most reliable and easy way of logging into multiple internet services.

  6. Tomi Kuisma 4.1.2011 at 19.57 #

    I don’t like to spam my activities on Facebook and now it seems that I can’t connect here if I don’t allow it. Really bad choice to cancel Google support.

  7. Atte Martikainen 4.1.2011 at 21.51 #

    I agree as well on the Google-matter with the previous comments.

    But I wonder how come the new look of heiaheia doesnt appear on Google Chrome and Mozilla FF as it does on IE(the worst choice of them all..)??

    Nonetheless the new outfit looks fantastic. Thnks. :)

  8. Atte Martikainen 4.1.2011 at 21.58 #

    Sorry, my bad. For some reason I had the site in “mobile-mode”(never used it in mobile), and I just switched it to “Full site” from the lower part of the site(advice for others with problem).

  9. Chuks 4.1.2011 at 23.57 #

    Excellent work, guys! I also started logging my events on heiaheia. I’ll try out the new heiaheia. Though I seemed to prefer the Google login. Will send you feedback on my experience. I hope you will eventually do an app cross the mobile platforms.

  10. HeiaHeia team 5.1.2011 at 12.30 #

    @ AzP, Peter, Alex, Joel, Tomi, Atte & Chuks:

    Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it a lot!

    Here’ a short backgrounder on our decision to drop Google (& Twitter) authentication:

    We very much like the ideas of OpenID also, that’s why we introduced several options for login when we launched HeiaHeia.

    Unfortunately, during our first year of operations, Google login’s failure rate was too high. These failures are almost fully non-technical: everything works technically, but people can’t get in without assistance. This has two severe implications for us: 1) Bad usability: an “inbuilt systematic failure” in a feature, people not getting into the service 2) Bad business: an “inbuilt customer service load” in a feature, leading to longer customer service times. An interesting tidbit from our data: Facebook Login clearly beats Google and Twitter here – it is more popular and less error-prone.

    We know the decision caused pain to some users, and we are sorry for all the hassle it caused, but concluded that this was a necessary change to make.

    Concluding: A universal, neutral & easy to use login method for web services would be awesome. While keeping an eye on this front, our decision was based on the practical need of making our service as easy to use as possible.

  11. AzP 7.1.2011 at 0.58 #

    Thank you so much for replying to our somewhat frustrated posts, and more importantly bringing the other log-in possibilities back! I was a bit shocked and angry while writing the previous post, so I thought I’d thank you properly =)

    Thank you for a great site, I’m looking forward to using the new interface (and functionality) all throughout 2011! Happy new year and congratulations to your successful launch!

  12. Alex 7.1.2011 at 3.00 #

    Guys, thank you for the explanation (is it just me, or Google login is suddenly back? :) – business certainly comes first here (hint: giving this explanation right away could have saved a bunch of hurt feelings on both sides :).

    Thanks for the (otherwise) great update – even the a bit cluttered home screen has all those cool features now

  13. Markus 20.1.2011 at 14.35 #


    En löytänyt sivuiltanne mahdollisuutta sähköpostin vaihtamiseen. Onko todellakin näin, että sähköpostiosoitetta ei voi päivittää?

  14. Laura 24.1.2011 at 21.53 #

    Hi, would it be possible to add a choice allowing to post heartbeat as %/max, in addition to bpm?

  15. Salla 30.1.2011 at 19.34 #

    In my opinion, it would be better to measure the “top friends” and especially the “top 5 sports” by hours, not by exercises. It’s a bit embarrasing to be the first one on the friends list when you have stretched several times for 10 minutes at a time and someone else has run a marathon.

  16. Thailon 27.3.2011 at 20.03 #


    do you plan to add something like “challenge” options in addition to groups ? My idea about challenge is to track activities related only to challenge. E.g I do run and do swim. Now all is tracked on my timeline. I’d like to track swimming to one challenge, run to another one. Would it be possible sometimes ?

    Thanks and good luck !

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