HeiaHeia’s new Facebook app!

We’ve just introduced a number of improvements to our Facebook application!

More fun & colourful way of sharing: we aim to make your Facebook feed a place that looks fun and communicates the joys of physical activity. In our view, the best way to do this is to simply make the individual entries in Facebook look as good as possible. ;)

Surprising benefits: Clicking our Facebook entries is more rewarding than ever: depending on who clicks whose entry, different things will happen. If you click on your friend’s entry and you are logged into HeiaHeia, you’ll get to the friend’s Training log (as before). If you click on someone’s entry, who has a public profile page, and you are not logged in into HeiaHeia, you’ll see a public user profile with latest activities, achievements, etc. NEW: if anyone clicks on your entry and you do not have a public profile, we’ll show a stats pack on this sport type, based on the whole HeiaHeia community: average user profile for this sport type – average exercise – where is the sport type most popular – which other sport types are popular among the same people.

More stability: Some of our users have experienced cases more or less random disconnecting of Facebook sharing in the past. We’ve now spent a lot of time rebuilding our app “under the hood” and we hope this will dramatically reduce the amount of sharing problems with the app. If you have connectivity problems in the future, please let us know!

Easier way to restore connection: If you would happen to experience issues with our Facebook app in the future, there’s now an easy way to fix things: Go to HeiaHeia’s settings – you’ll see a notification “Connected – Not connected – Not set-up”. If the status of the app is “Not connected”, simply click the “Restore” button next to it and voilà!

How to get it: Just go to HeiaHeia’s settings: make sure you have the Facebook app installed, and check your sharing settings

We hope you enjoy our new Facebook features. All feedback is very much appreciated!

5 Responses to “HeiaHeia’s new Facebook app!”

  1. Kirsi Auranmaa 3.6.2013 at 12.58 #

    Is it possible to publish only some of the activities? I would like to share my trainings only occasionally, not always and all of them.

    • HeiaHeia team 6.6.2013 at 14.10 #

      @Kirsi: Select “share only favourites” – that way, only starred entries will be shared to Facebook.

  2. oscar 3.6.2013 at 16.53 #

    When are we gonna see a mobile app?

  3. Asmo 6.6.2013 at 12.42 #

    Nice. But how to see the stats packs of sports without logging off and searching’em through FB feed?

    • HeiaHeia team 6.6.2013 at 14.11 #

      @Asmo: Yep – we’re working on this. ;)

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