NEW: HeiaHeia Mobile Apps

Updated: all direct app store links in place!

We’ll be kicking off 2014 by launching three mobile apps!

This blog post is a quick guide on how to get one on your phone right now, detailed walk throughs per app coming soon.

Here’s how to get yours:

iPhone: Go to the App Store and get it – type “HeiaHeia!” in the search field or click the button below:

Android:Go to the Google Play and get it – type “HeiaHeia!” in the search field or click the button below:

Windows Phone: Go to the Windows Store and get it – type “HeiaHeia!” in the search field or click the button below:

Enjoy and please send us feedback!

5 Responses to “NEW: HeiaHeia Mobile Apps”

  1. Juan G Rolón 10.1.2014 at 0.54 #

    Hi there !

    I have used heia heia for more than 3 years now, and will love to see additional features to the running, walking and cyclying sports, or any other activities where you log distance and need to see splits by laps. It will be nice to see a split by mile or kilometer for these activities.

    Cheers !


  2. Kaisa 12.1.2014 at 15.42 #

    Heia 2014 not working whit Voice over in iPhone. :/

  3. Kirsi 20.1.2014 at 13.07 #

    I just downloaded iPhone app – and my first impression is this is great. It’s very easy to use. And also it’s very good that I can do all the same things with the mobile app than with the internet version.

  4. Kirsi 25.2.2014 at 8.45 #

    About iPhone app: could there be automatic pause in time if less than 2 km/h and less than 5 km/hour (GPS). Now the time is running even when I’m not, if I have to stop. :) I didn’t find this on settings…

  5. Joel 5.4.2014 at 15.51 #

    Kirsi, at least on Windows Phone version the tracking stops if you stop. I don’t remember if this feature was on the BETA though, if that’s what you were using.

    For me the tracking feature is by far the best thing on the app. Previously I had to track with third-party app, then extract the data in .GPX file to my email, download it, and then upload to HeiaHeia. Now all that is gone, thanks! What I still mis is the average/top speeds and other info, what can be inputted e.g. in bicycle workouts.

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