Energy and team spirit for the workplace

HeiaHeia is a social wellness service that guides work communities towards a more energetic workday.

With HeiaHeia, you can carry out all types of wellness campaigns. We bring more energy and productivity to the workplace by boosting individual wellbeing and increasing team spirit at the workplace.


The secret of HeiaHeia? The way it brings a community together – there’s nothing like team spirit to motivate people towards positive life changes!

Common goals

Work towards a common goal or set up a light-hearted competition between teams – whatever gets your people moving!

Cheering for colleagues

Inspire and motivate! Cheering for others and receiving cheers boosts team spirit and inspires people to go the extra mile.

Virtual medals

Great achievements are to be celebrated – you get medals for reaching milestones in your wellness projects.

Versatile stats

Versatile personal and community stats help track changes in routines and work towards even greater achievements.


Active workday

Standing workstations, walking meetings, active commutes… Spend the workday actively!

Exercise campaigns

Towards a common goal, each in their own way: HeiaHeia supports over 400 forms of exercise.


Choose the wellness theme that fits your community, such as nutrition, recovery or socializing.

Personal themes

Our fully customizable themes give everyone the chance to choose their own wellness project!

“We accomplished exactly what we wanted: to get everyone to exercise more and to prove that small actions add up to big rewards.”

Pardis Aenehband, Dialect


Training programs

Our top-of-the-line training programs give great results – whether it’s an exercise or wellness project you’re carrying out.

Wellness challenges

Planking, drinking water or elevator-free workdays – our wellness challenges create positive habits by introducing easy daily routines.

Technique videos

Coaching from top professionals guarantees that you do the right things, in the right way.


With our embedded communications features, all your wellness communications will reach their intended audience like clockwork!


A coach in your pocket

At work

On the go

On a run


Many independent scientific studies confirm the positive effects of HeiaHeia on its users:

Using HeiaHeia helped me exercise more

Using HeiaHeia increased my wellness

Using HeiaHeia at work had social benefits

We’re sharing our tips!

We have a lot of experience with creating successful wellness campaigns. Now we’ve compiled 25 of our top tips to a document we’re willing to share with you, for free!